Rising Thunder



Spectacular robot battles


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Rising Thunder is a 2D robot fighting game, inspired mainly by the excellent game, Street Fighter IV from Capcom. Thematically, it's very similar to other games like Rise of the Robots, or even films like Real Steel. But once you start playing, it's impossible not to be reminded of Street Fighter.

The gameplay is typical for a fighting game. You can move your character from side to side, jump, crouch, and, of course, employ several different attacks. Also, each fighter has different combos and unique special attacks. You can test your moves in practice mode, but you'll find the real action fighting online.

In this game version, there are six very different fighters. There's a robot for everybody: strong and slow, fast and weak, or somewhere in the middle. Choose the one that best fits your fighting style. Also, before you start fighting, you can customize your robot with different accessories.

Rising Thunder is a 2D fighting game with a gameplay that's accessible, but also has some depth. The visuals are excellent and look even better on more powerful computers. And, of course, you can play using any controller you have connected to your PC (the Xbox 360 controller doesn't even require special configuration).
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